Art of kids

Galerie Panisa offers art classes for children aged between 5-12 years old during weekends and school term breaks. The teacher has long been experienced in teaching basic art to young children to enhance their interest and to lead them to be the future art lovers. The class contains several aspects of art to suit the concentration of your little ones. view more photos

Drawing and Composition course for students

For students who aim for their future career in Fine Arts, Design, and Architecture, Galerie Panisa helps preparing them the basic knowledge and skills by teaching staff who graduated in Fine Arts from well known universities. view more photos
Art for Kids ( 5-12 years old )
Saturdays and Sundays, morning 10 - 12 a.m. or afternoon 2 – 4 p.m.
Art for students focused on Drawing – Composition
Saturday afternoon 2 – 5 p.m.

ART for Adults

For hobbies and leisure, our Saturday afternoon is worth a great deal for practice paintings. Don’t worry if you have no background. Bring your heart and we’ll practice it together. view more photos


Occasionally, there are other interesting activities such as the gatherings of emerging artists for introductions of new kinds of color and art supplies as well as the visits of students from several high schools in the city, universities in the north to view exhibitions with a brief lecture on art history and presentation of different techniques from our staff.
Art for Adults
Watercolour and acrylic painting course for beginners and art lovers
Saturday afternoon 2 – 5 p.m.
Every now and then, well-known artists are invited to give short Q&A or a two-day watercolor session at our place. We are proud to be a part of support to northern communities in Fine Art education. view more photos