Art & Amity 10

Although we are from different places, jobs and schools, cultures, and languages, we often share a similar sense of what is beautiful. For over 10 years here, that beauty in art has brought us together to form a very special friendship.

We share our creativity and the beauty of our paintings, which are technically and stylistically different from each other. At the end of our classes, we take our art home, along with a special sense of accomplishment and happiness.

Beautiful, tiny seeds of creativity in each student grow into artistic power that is free and magnificent. Children have a way of seeing both the beauty from the outside and also the inside -- which adds joy to their tender hearts and minds. We all come together to create beauty and friendship here.

Art & Amity IX - Leisure With Pleasure

If you're looking for leisure activities to help you relax after a stressful school or work week, how about trying art activities? You can sip coffee or tea, enjoy snacks or music, and talk to friends while you are having fun drawing or painting together. You might also be very inspired by the art that developing around you! After that, you will be proud to have your own paintings on your walls at home. This is something an art class at Galerie Panisa can offer you. This exhibition is the result of those "Labors!"

Welcome artists in Mekong Exchange Program from China

On December 20, 2012 the group of 13 artists and art instructors from southern regions of China visited Galerie Panisa on their field trips to Chiang Mai as a part of the Mekong Artist Exchange. We believe that our conversation will lead our mutual benefits to the art world of both countries. Welcome!

Welcome College of Fine Arts Suphanburi

On December 12, 2012 the group of teachers and students from College of Fine Arts Suphanburi, Faculty of Fine Arts, Banditpatanasilp Institute of Art from Suphanburi province near Bangkok visited Galerie Panisa on their educational field trip to the North. The process of Printmaking from the artist was the main topic on this occasion. Welcome to Galerie Panisa!

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